Thursday, January 3, 2013

Under the Weather

Yesterday, it started. The dreaded sore throat. Despite my best efforts (extra vitamin C, liquids, extra rest) I seem to have come down with a cold.

When I'm feeling unwell, nothing cheers me up like a little eye candy.

Today's comes courtesy of Chanel and Hermès:


I love the color of this Chanel bag. It's fun but still neutral enough that you would be able to wear it with a lot of colors--greys, beiges, browns, black and navy.  And, the Hermès Cape Cod watch with the chic red manicure complete the picture. Delightful.

Photo: Pinterest

Speaking of color, have you ever seen such a delicious shade of yellowish green? I love how this bag has been paired with darker colors, providing just the right pop of color.

Photo: Pinterest
Last, but certainly not least, who could fail to love this wonderful combination? Classic black Chanel jumbo bag, paired with an orange Hermès Cape Cod and matching neon orange manicure?

I'm lucky enough to own an old, distressed Chanel bag. It was originally a bright royal blue, but time, wear, and the sun have weathered the bag so that now it looks more like it's a denim blue:

Now all I need to do is get a bright Hermès watch and a matching manicure! Of course, another Chanel bag in classic black or some other fun color would also be most welcome.

Ah, I feel better already!

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